I am a married stay at home mom to my son and 5 dogs. My son Mark was born in September 2010 and is almost 7 months old. My 5 dogs are Waldo(5) a rescued corgi/beagle mix. Josie (4) a rescued Chihuahua/???, Luther(3) a rescued German Shepherd Dog/Malmute, Aiden(2) a purebred Irish Wolfhound from a great breeder in KY, and Simon(4 months) a puppy who we are always arguing about what he is, border collie/corgi/beagle/basset/jack russel/????

My husband is a musician and photographer in the process of starting a business. When I’m not busy with the baby or the dogs I play drums, practice tae kwon do, skateboard, or ride my motorcycle. In short, I keep myself pretty busy!

If you have any parenting/baby or dog related issues you would like to me post on just let me know! 🙂


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  1. Cool beans! I added you to my Google Reader, so I’ll be following you from here on out. Thanks for the heads up, and I’m interested to see your future gardening adventures. I too, would like to be as grid-free as possible.

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