“The LEGO Movie” Mini Review

Just got back from “The LEGO Movie” and I was pleasantly surprised at the great plot, and at the beautiful theater we saw it in. 

I’m used to living in suburbia. I grew up in the sprawling “suburbs” (how can you call something 50miles away a suburb!?) of Chicago. I watch the farms turn into best buys, and condos, and libraries. Everything there was MEH it was all OKAY. Nothing was really nice or really bad. 

Here in the city, in Portland, there are lots of really scary crappy places, but even more beautiful places. Places I only used to see when I would visit “The City” (Chicago). Here I drive 10 minutes to Hawthorn Boulevard to check out the “Bagdad” theater. I tried to do this theater justice thought my typed language, but I can’t so I’ll quote the website to help you get an idea of its magnificence. 

“This marvelous relic of Hollywood’s Golden Age is a movie palace full of wonder and surprises. For nearly four generations now, the Bagdad’s Mediterranean/neon persona and daily films have made it an icon of Portland’s vibrant Hawthorne District. The interior is an attraction in and of itself, with barreled arches, ornate wrought-iron fixtures, brilliant mosaics and painted Mediterranean designs and characters.”

Before the movie even started I was happy just to be in this beautiful building from another time. I’m so glad McMenamin’s does what they do in preserving these fantastic historical buildings. The Bagdad is also a “Brew and View” meaning you can purchase a lot more than your standard concessions. It was too early (for me) for alcohol so I got a burger. It was delivered right to my seat! There also wasn’t a bunch of fluff before the movie like at the other chain theaters. There was one preview, and it was for the next family movie coming to the theater. Awesome! 

The movie itself started strangely as you just jumped right in to the action. I was unsure if the movie had even started! Being right in the action was pretty much the rest of the movie. t was very fast paced and action packed, I’m sure Mark only picked up the very very bare bones of the plot. At some points the non-stop action was hard even for me to follow. 

The plot was fantastic and, without any real spoilers, I can say that it was a very unschooling friendly movie. The LEGO Movie pits conformity and creativity against each other and of course creativity is what becomes the most valued by the end. The cast is incredible with many of my favorites including Liam Neeson, Chris Pratt, and Will Arnett (I vote he plays every batman ever from now on). It also included some appearances by some much love cult-icons (I won’t spoil it). 

I do have one other criticism besides the non-stop, overwhelming to small children action. That is the lack of female characters. There are three, in the whole movie, and more men that you can count. One of the females is a kitty-unicorn-thing with obvious anger issues and another is wonder women who gets all of 3 lines. Why can’t movies have, oh lets say, approximately HALF female charters, you know, like life? I would really like it if they just took some of the exact characters they already had and just made them female, change the look just a smidge and change the name. Thats it. Ok my little “almost feminist” rant is over.

The twist at the end movie ended up being better than I expected and even Mark was moved and had to hug me several times. It will hit all the families right in the feels and make all the unschoolers silently applaud their own awesomeness (don’t go thinking you’re above doing that). 

In short, go see it! If you have kids who are overly sensitive to high action films maybe wait for the blue-ray. I loved it and we are already talking about seeing it again when it hits the second run theaters around here. This is probably going to be one of the top family movies of the year, if you like movies, you’ll love The LEGO Movie!


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