School Daze

Why do kids grow up thinking school is this amazing wonderful perfect place? I’ve noticed this in my nephew  He’s 3.5 and thinks school is the greatest idea ever (right next to the cow that gives you ice cream), that is until he really thinks about it…

First he starts with “School is so fun, I can learn and play with friends!” Then I ask, “But what if you want to learn about dinosaurs and its time to learn math?” And he gets a puzzled look… I say, “At school you have to do what the teacher says.” He says, “What if I’m hungry?” And I tell him, “Then you have to wait till the teacher says you can eat.” He looks upset and thinks for a while.

Long before they are old enough for school the media is already indoctrinating kids to how great school is. Its like the magic school bus! Everyone is happy and you always learn interesting things, all your needs are met, and no one is mean (except maybe long enough to learn not to be mean)! But its not like that… Or this wonderful picture below…. Its not like that at all.

The “Perfect” teacher, clean and smiling.


As he thinks a little more my young nephew say, “But if I’m gone all day I’ll miss my Mama! And I like to play, I don’t want to sit.” And I respond, “That’s why some kids don’t go to school, then they can do what they want during the day! They can eat when they are hungry and see their Mom’s all day! They can learn about whatever they want!” Then I go on to tell him we are going to meet some kids who do exactly that tomorrow and he gets excited. I ask “Would you like to meet some new friends who don’t go to school?” “I would like that.” he responds.

School isn’t what the media portrays it to be (when they decide to portray in a perfect unfailing light). Its a place of confinement, breaking up families more than building them. It puts labels on children (Gifted, Mainstream, Special Ed) and keeps them categorized the rest of their lives. Kids must do what they are told, they must study for the test, not for the love of study. No learning about dinosaurs till we get to the dinosaur unit young man.

The schools aren’t flawed, they are doing exactly what the are designed to do; create consumers. I could go deep into the German history of our compulsory education, but I’ll keep it short by saying that the schoolers were designed so that only the elite could really succeed. They are designed to keep the masses the masses. The schools keep the “average joe” (95% of the population) from becoming above average. They create factory workers (now mostly office workers), people who will consume and who won’t ask too many real questions. People with unwavering loyalty to the elite that controls them, employees them, and sits back and makes millions selling products to them. There are very few schools (and certainly no public schools) that truly allow children to live and learn. That’s why I’m choosing to say no to the system, I’m keeping my son (and my sister is keeping my nephew) out of school.

For more information on the history and real purpose of our school system read “Weapons of Mass Instruction” by John Taylor Gatto, and Long time public school teacher and even “Teacher of the Year” for New York he reveals what most people choose not to see that the schools we grew up in did us a disservice, and continue to hurt our children more than help them.


2 responses to “School Daze

  1. I have a question that’s not totally related, but still on the subject of education and how to raise your children to think for themselves. Do you think it’s possible – and if so, how would you go about it? – to truly raise your kid to think for themselves? I just look at how I was raised; traditionally, with conservative values in private education, going to church every Sunday morning and Wednesday night. A lot of times when thinking about my views on morality, religion, philosophy, etc., I think… I wonder how I would be right now if those things didn’t influence the way I grew up.

    I just wonder, there are so many ideologies and philosophies out there. So many different religions, and schools of thought. So many different ways to learn, and learn how to learn. It just seems overwhelming to me. How do you raise up a kid, and have them figure out what they think about life (especially when it comes to religion!), without pushing them towards your thoughts in a major way?

  2. I think its possible to raise a child who is knowledgeable of many options and has the tools to choose for themselves. I don’t think its possible to raise a child without the parents influence on their lives. Whether I try to or not, my Christian beliefs are going to affect Mark, hopefully his respect for me will lead him to like Christianity and to see it as a viable beliefe. But will I force him to go to Church and indoctrinate him with programs on wednesday night, no.

    I think the key is to expose the to as many cultures and beliefs as possible, and teach them objectively (as much as possible about each one). Honestly most kids who aren’t forced don’t seem to care much about religion till they are teenagers anyway at which point they are old enough to do most of thier own research.

    Read some stories about teenage unschoolers (you can probably just do a google search) and you will find some truly amazing people. Doing things that people twice their age couldn’t.

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