Portland: Nearly 1 month later.

Well its been 3.5 weeks since we moved in here and we are quite settled already.

Today we are getting our fence finished. The yard was fenced around the perimeter, but with no gates. Now our front and backyard will be fenced and gated. 🙂

We have 90% or more of our stuff unpacked. The living room is all set up, the kitchen is set up (but needs a dining room table), the bedroom has 4-5 small boxes in the closet that need to be unpacked, the bathroom just needs some under the sink organizing help, and Mark’s room still has a few boxes left, but his furniture is all set up and his toys and books are all out.

We do have a BUNCH of stuff in our gigantic garage that needs to be organized/donated/put away.

We love a lot about Portland, the food options, the great outdoor spaces, the weather (Chicago ain’t got nothin on this), the community, the culture, and more. Babywearing is rampant here. I mean everyone here has an ergo. You do see ring slings, wraps and the like more often too, but seriously, everyone has an ergo. Its kind of crazy. Even though babywearing dads are more common, babywearing is here is respected and not looked on as weird. Ace got a lot of “awwww”s trying to get Mark to sleep in the carrier at a recent street fair. Speaking of street fairs, the events here…. There are fairs, concerts, and outdoor events galore, more things than one human could ever experience. I’m torn between TWO great dog events next month, like I said there is simply too much to do here. Not a bad problem to have.

One of my most favorite things about portland are the food carts! Chi-town is really missing out because of big government on this one! I could go to a cart “pod” for every meal and be very happy. Cart pods are basically parking lots (or other similar spaces) with 2 or more food carts in the same place. Near us we have “A La Carts”, “Cartlandia”, and “Carts on Foster”. The food options at each are varied, from carts dedicated to vegan food to those dedicated to deep fried food. Good cart pods have beer tents and entertainment on top of a huge selection of great food. The food cart scene here is just amazing! I could go on and on about how much I love food carts. What makes carts great is that they are usually run by one or two people passionate about their food. There is a cart run by an old black man that makes amazing BBQ, there is Dave the guy who puts his passion into his seafood creations, there is the dessert lady at “Cake on a Hot Tin Roof” who makes the BEST creme brule I have ever had. These people pour their passion into their food and its amazing.

Sorry about the delays in posting, we are keeping ourselves very busy unpacking, organizing, cleaning, and of course checking out all Portland has to offer.

The next big thing is the first visit by the Mark’s Grandparents for his birthday! So we are gearing up for that!


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