It took 13 days, but it finally rained in Portland. People don’t realize that this is totally normal for Portland summers. They are very dry, often sunny and 75 for weeks on end. The grass is brown but they have barely been affected by the drought. Portland summers are dry, and sunny, and beautiful. When it rains it rains much like today, a nice morning drizzle. Its not a down pour (though they do come though on occasion) but more often a mist. It was the same last summer.

The rain comes in the winter. Many locals say Halloween to Easter it rains. Other more dreary, or perhaps realistic, people say Halloween to Memorial day. But again, the rain is rarely a downpour but more often mist or drizzle with cloud cover most of the time. Annual rainfall for Portland is only 2 inches more than Chicago, but the annual snowfall for Portland is 36 inches less than Chicago at only 2 inches per year. That’s a trade-off I love. You can basically replace all of Chicagos annual snowfall (38 inches) with Portland’s rain (37 inches), then Chicago still has 35 inches of rain each year on top of that snow! Which city is wetter now?


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