5 Dogs in Portland

Our trip went fantastic! The dogs took it all really well considering their whole world was turned around! In the car they all slept. I would forget they were in the car they were so quiet.
Luther was the funniest as he would watch out the windows all the time just looking at stuff. He was very quietly intrigued by the scenery.
We tried to get them some good exercise each day in addition to quick walks every few hours. The first day we were lucky enough to find a forest preserve near the mississippi river that no one else was at. We let all the dogs run off leash in the woods, they had a blast and then slept for hours. The second day we found a Cabela’s and played fetch off leash on their huge property. Then let the dogs chill in there outdoor kennels (our traveling buddy stayed with them) while we went inside to buy them some new toys and treats. They chewed the “chuck-it” in the back of the car before we ever got to use it! Lol!
The third day we took them for a long walk in city park where Aiden was a super star!
The last day was all driving and by the time we got to our house they were ready to run! We had a lot of fun playing in our new huge back yard! They very quickly settled into our new house and we’ve only had one major issue so far, Simon fell out a window! It was our bedroom window on the first floor but the only reason we knew is because the other dog were standing at the window acting weird! They kept making little barks and we kept telling them to lay down, then I realized there was a bark outside and simon was gone!! Ace had to go outside to rescue him! Besides that the dogs have done great! We are rotating who gets to go to all great dog friendly places with us and they are loving it here!

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