Mutt Monday: Aiden

This is the second post in my “Mutt Monday” series. The first can be found at Mutt Monday: Josie. You can find a post on our corgi at Waldo.

Aiden was our third dog and is actually our only non-mutt! As you know I’m a huge supporter of rescuing a shelter dog (and I plan on doing that for every other dog I ever get), but I also support responsible breeders. Breeders have a passion for a specific breed of dog and care to preserve that breed. They care about dogs temperament and health and help provide great pets and great working dogs. The most important thing they do is preserve breeds. Without responsible breeders we would not have dog breeds, so I do support responsible breeders. Responsible being those that only breed their females every 1-2 years at most, take care to only breed healthy dogs, find great homes for all their animals, and are committed to their animals for life, making their buyers sign a contract that they will return their dog if they can’t care for them (keeping their dogs out of shelters). Anyway… After searching shelters and finding no wolfhounds, I went to a great breeder in Kentucky. If you would like their contact info, message me. Thats where I got my only purebred dog, Aiden. My gentle giant.

Aiden was born May 2nd, 2009. He was my graduation present and he was born on my graduation day which also happend to be Kentucky Durby Day! He is one month younger than my nephew Vincent! The amazing part of using a breeder was that I got to follow his mom’s pregnancy and get updates on him every week. It was tough to pick a puppy from the pictures (since they were several hours away). I just asked them to give me the lightest colored male, and told them to start calling him Aiden, a good irish name meaning “little fire.”  And I’ll admit it I picked it from watching Jon and Kate Plus 8. I loved that show and those kids were so cute. 🙂


Aiden just a few weeks old. He was only 1lb at birth, now he’s 140lbs!

We got to meet Aiden on my way to TKD nationals in florida and on the way back we picked him up. We were so antsy to get him we cut our trip short! He was the last puppy to go home since we chose to wait till after vacation to get him (which was a great plan)!

What to say about Aiden. I don’t know where to start! He’s just fantastic, and I love him to death. He’s the dog with a facebook fan page that you can find here. He’s 140lbs of all love! When we first met him he was a little rough and tumble. He had no idea what the word gentle meant and would climb on you with his “dinosaur paws” wanting more love than you could give him and giving you more love than you knew what to do with!

Aiden and his litter mates. I believe Aiden is left of center (third from the left), but don’t quote me on that. Later he was given a lime green collar making it easier to identify him in the pictures of litter.

Aiden at 8 weeks old in all his floppy goodness! He was about 18lbs when we brought him home the next week.

As a puppy Aiden was growing so fast he need lots of calories so he needed to eat four times a day! As an older puppy he ate more food than he does now. Eating 10 cups a day at his max around 9 months old! Raising a wolfhound is almost as hard as raising a toddler! You have to make sure they eat a lot, but spread out, and not too fast, and they can’t play after eating. Oh and they can’t go down stairs for a few months, or play too rough, or run too fast. Yes. For real! A puppy! Wolfhounds grow so fast that their bones can break easily if they jump off a couch, or run and take a quick turn. Its really nice when the are older and you know the growth plates are closed so you can relax a little and let them play! luckily wolfhounds are NOT high energy dogs and love to just sit on the couch with you more than anything! It is important to take them for walks as puppies to make sure they are walking well and being trained well they are still small and easy to correct!

Trying to get a picture of our 3 dogs after Aiden came home, but he wouldn’t hold still! He was about the same weight as waldo, just an inch taller than Josie!

Aiden grew amazingly fast. So fast I could see the difference in the morning each day. His legs were string beans, just stretching out each day. I had no idea something could grow as fast as he did! He would put on pounds faster than we could track them!

Aiden at 4 months old. Still hasn’t grown into his ears and paws!

I did puppy classes with Aiden when he was very very young much younger thanI normally would because I wanted him walking nice before he was huge! He is my only dog that will reliably heal off leash (though Luther is getting there), so it was well worth all the effort put in! It helps that he is such a momma’s boy and will follow me anywhere!

Aiden wearing his “Star Puppy” medal at 6 months old. One of the youngest dogs in our school to pass the puppy version of the Canine Good Citizen’s test. He fits his ears better by 6 months!

Aiden is very loving boy and will do almost anything I ask of him. He passed his STAR Puppy test and later his Canine Good Citizen’s test with east. He later went on to become a Delta Society Pet Partner, Therapy dog! That test was a little harder because I was nervous Aiden did just fine!

Aiden is one of the most loving dogs you will ever meet (if you have the pleasure). I’ll always remember the day he really showed his intuition for the first time. We were at the vet when he was around 6 months old. There was an older lady there that had to put her cat down. She came out of the exam room crying and Aiden just walked over and put his head on her lap and was just there. She smiled though her tears petting him. No puppy goofiness, no pawing, he just sat there with her. That is the kind of dog he is. Loving, caring, compassionate. I’m lucky to have him.

Aiden about 5 months old next to a LARGE 3 year old wolfhound. Shows you how “Little” he was. Aiden is 3 now and is not as tall as this guy. He’s still very big, just not this big!


To say Aiden is tall is an understatement. People see Luther and say he’s big, or he’s tall. He is nothing compare to Aiden! You just can not grasp his height from pictures. A wolfhound needs to be experienced. If you have never met a wolfhound I would recommend looking up your local club and seeing one in person. They are truly something exceptional. Aiden can lick me in the face while standing on all four’s. He can stand on his back legs and look my stepdad in the eyes… and he’s still at an angle. I don’t know exactly how tall he is, as he’s taller than the device to measure dogs at the vet!

Aiden still young, lounging on “The Dog Couch”.


Aiden standing on the couch at my Parent’s house.


Aiden, 2 christmas’s ago stretching across the ENTIRE LIVING ROOM.


All my dogs at the time, plus my aunts dogs. Oh and I’m in there somewhere too. Aiden is still a pup in this one and he’s bigger than Luther. 


I can’t reiterate enough how loving Aiden is. He is a peaceful dog. He shares willingly with everyone and loves everyone. He will give up his food to the little dogs if I don’t keep them away!

Aiden loved when we fostered kittens. Here he is cuddling with Milo.


Aiden loves his “cousin” Vincent. Who is only 1 month older than Aiden. Here they are both just over 1 year old.


Aiden shares his bed with Josie.


When we first got Simon he quickly bonded with Aiden and still uses Aiden as a bed. Aiden doesn’t mind, he has a soft spot in his heart for daschunds.


Aiden’s ultimate annoying roomate, Mark. See how Ace is holding Aiden’s paw. The only way Aiden can hurt mark is accidentally. Aiden even loves babies. (Mark still makes that grumpy face.) 


Sharing the house with the baby.


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