Getting Ready for “3 Day Potty Training”

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We are going to try our own little version of the ever popular “3 Day Potty Training” program. It fits with my values, and Mark is very much ready for a big push in potty training so that we can get to the point or being diaper free. You can read the basics of the program over HERE.

There are lots of variations on this program, but we are keeping it pretty simple. Mark will be home and naked from the waist down wed-fri. Wednesday we aren’t going anywhere and at least one of us will be watching him closely all day. We will be taking regular trips to the bathroom and encouraging him to use his little potty, as well and bringing him there immediately after any “misses”. Every time he uses the potty we give a little cheer say “Yay! Pee pee in the potty!” or something to that extent, then help him to flush it down the toilet (that is usually his favorite part).

Anytime he pees anywhere other than the potty we say “Look, your going pee pee!” Then rush him to the bathroom to attempt to finish on the potty. If he gets ANYTHING in potty at all its a win and we do our little cheer and flush routine. If he doesn’t do anything in the potty we get a rag and go clean up the mess, very calmly. Mark is already getting this concept and tried to clean up a mess 2 days ago by himself. He is such a sweetie.

Thursday we will be staying home, except for one short trip out in pants or shorts, but no diaper or underwear. We will probably take a walk in the neighborhood.

Friday we will take a short trip out in the morning a short trip in the afternoon.

A big part of this program is NO MORE DIAPERS. If its going to work you need to be prepared for a few accidents along the way. Once they get a diaper back they realize they can use it to pee in and it backtracks the whole program. Some people also reccomend no underwear or anything tight for several months after you start as well, only lose pants. We will see how things go and play that by year. I will probably end up using our great Hanna Anderson training pants when going out just so we dont have a REALLY messy incident. Diaper Free Before 3 has no issues with training pants and even recommends them (given they are cotton).

Hanna Anderson training pants. The are padded briefs that can soak up a decent amount of urine in the case of an accident.

Besides training pants there are a few things we have bought to help out in this process. We own 2 Baby Bjorn potties with the back support. This type of potty is highly recommended in the book ‘Diaper Free Before Three’. We own one other small potty for the car, that will probably come in the house for our 3 day training program.

A great potty for toddlers.

We also bought a waterproof pad for the carseat as I expect that to be the place we have the most accidents. We got the sunsine kids one. It doesn’t fit perfect in our True Fit Car seat, but it will do the job for a few weeks (hopefully that’s all we need it)!

Dry Seat Pad, designed for a Raidian, but will work in any carseat or stroller.

I’m going to do a big shopping trip monday or tuesday so I have no need to go to the grocery store over the three days, and thats about it! We are still doing our normal at home diaper free time leading up to this. Instead of traditional 3 day potty training going from almost nothing to everything, I’m looking at this as a big final push towards full potty training. We are almost there, and I really hope to be 100% diaper free (during the day) by the end of the summer. I have no idea how to approach nights, so we will cross that bridge when we get there!


3 responses to “Getting Ready for “3 Day Potty Training”

  1. We potty trained our daughter a while back using a modified form of three day training. For her, not having anything on meant that there was no incentive not to squat where ever she was. We ended up putting underwear on her with almost instant results.

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