Mutt Monday: Josie!

I’m starting a series of blogs about each of my dogs. Each monday I’ll do a little post on one of my pups for “Mutt Mondays!” I’m very excited to share more about my family with you. I’m going to start with our first dog, Josie.


Josie was supposed to be a surprise. We were newly married with 2 cats and Ace wanted a puppy, BAD. He said he’d never lived in a house without a dog. I decided to secretly look around. He insisted he would have a dog named “Josiah” I hated that name, at least for a dog. After some prying I discovered that the name “Josie” would be acceptable for a female, and we both wanted a corgi. Then, fate happened. I popped in “corgi” and “young” to pet finder and this adorable chihuahua/corgi named “Josie” popped up! It was too good to be true, but I went and visited here and she chose me right away.

I got her for Ace on Valentines day. We had no idea that really she had picked me.

Josie and I

The day after we got her.

She was so happy. After being brought to a shelter for “Behavior Issues” and then transferred to a no kill shelter she finally ended up with us and she was over the moon. So were we. I had no idea I wanted a dog so bad, but I LOVED her. After a little trained she turned out to be one of the most well-balenced dogs I’ve ever met. Her and I are very close and even though she was meant for Ace she is my little girl!

Two days after she came home.

Josie is confident, loyal, loving, sweet, and gentle. She became the cornerstone for our ever growing dog pack and she is still my little shadow, even sitting with me as I write this. The joy she’s brought into our lives has been more than I ever could have imagined and she helped me realize that I totally am a “Dog person.” Since getting Josie we’ve saved 5 more dogs. I’ve worked at a doggie day care and volunteered at shelters. We’ve done obedience classes and agility classes. And Josie is AWESOME at agility.

Josie at agility class.

Josie hanging out at agility class.

The scariest part of Josie’s life was the day we almost lost her. It was April 2009 and I was gearing up to go to an income tax protest and even had a special bandana picked out for Josie! I went to get her to leave and she wouldn’t come out of her crate. She threw up and the collapsed. She couldn’t stand. I freaked out. I threw her in the back of my car and rushed to the vet calling them on the way. I was worried she was going to die in the car. They rushed her back into the OR as soon as I got there and only told me she was in shock. Eventually I had to leave to go to work. At work I got a call telling me she was bleeding internally and they didn’t know why, but they had done everything they could and I needed to come get her and take her to a bigger animal hospital an hour away. The day only got harder from there. At the animal hospital they took her to the doggy ICU then told us they would need a very large sum of money for her to stay. Thank God I had enough in my bank account to cover it! She was my baby and she was the best dog ever I would do anything for her! She had to stay there 2 nights before she was stable. Our vets had removed over a pound of cat litter (Tidy Cats) from her stomach and the hospital considered removing her gall bladder but was eventually able to stop the bleeding without doing that, so we actually got much of our money back. The only thing any of the vets could say was that either the cat litter poisoned her, or she also got into something poisonous. I agree with House M.D. in that I don’t like coincidences and I’m going to assume it was the cat litter. Josie made such a great recovery that most people don’t even believe this story when I tell them, and we have since switched to all natural cat litter and I highly suggest everyone else does the same!

Josie, Waldo (RIP), and Cedric (my mom's dog).

Josie, Waldo (RIP), and Cedric (my mom’s dog).


Since Mark was born, Josie has become second in our life but she’s put up with it well. She (mostly) respects Mark as above her in the pack and puts up well with him beating on her (Yes, I do stop it as quick as possible). The first 6 months Mark was alive (and the month before) she was kicked out of our bed because we planned on co-sleeping. Once mark was bigger though we allowed her back in and now she happily shares space with him.

Mark and Josie sleeping on me.

Mark and Josie sleeping by my legs.

Mark and Josie sleeping in my armpit.

Josie is the best dog anyone could ever ask for. I never thought I could love a little dog this much but I do. Oh! And after having her a little while we realized that if she has any corgi in her its very minimal. We believe she has Chihuahua, jack russel, and pug in her. Heres a few more cute pictures from the last 4 wonderful years.

Showing off her fantastic athletic abilities running in the yard.

Josie my shadow sitting with me at the kitchen counter.

Josie jumping for beer!

“Aren’t you proud of me!?”


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