Potty “Training”, Round Two!

Today is our “restart” to potty training. We did E.C. for a long time, but when we had to take a very quick unplanned trip to Portland (thinking we were going to buy a house) our E.C. kind of ended. We were forced to use disposable diapers for travel and had little time for toddler potty stops. We did do very very limited diaper free time and used some cloth diapers at the hotel. After that it was only 3 weeks till we were going to vegas for a week knowing EC would be hard on that trip and that Mark was very much resisting going potty we just decided to take a break. He was diapered (in cloth) all the time.

On our trip to vegas our luggage got lost and our half a dozen cloth diapers I packed got lost too, so we were stuck in disposables the whole trip, between that and Mark getting a nasty virus he didn’t use the potty at all.

Now we are back and settled and I’m all over the potty and so is Mark! He gladly tells me when he poops (not every time) and he isn’t resisting our trips to the potty! Every time we take him he tries to go potty and occasionally he is telling us when he needs to go. Last night I got home and asked him “Do you need to go potty?” and he responded with “Poo poo!” I took him and he went! Totally awesome. My plan is for the next week to stay home a lot and keep him pants free inside and use non-waterproof trainers (from hanna anderson) when he’s outside. Today he is 20 months old and we are starting fresh and hoping to be done with diapers by the time he is 2!


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