A Closer Look: Our playroom Spring 2012

I recently did a major overhaul on our playroom. Mark seemed to get lost in there and only play with the toys he could see, so I went with a “Less is More” attitude. I also went with a Montessori feel. Its not a 100% Montessori room, but it has that kind of feel with child sized furniture, open shelving and having many toys with a purpose.

Here is a look at what is on our shelves this spring.

First is one of the few “Homemade” activities. This is a sorting activity that helps develop fine motor skills and develop the grip they need for writing. This is both a pre-writing activity and a math activity. Mark mostly has taken the pom-poms and transfered them one by one to other places in the room then back to the bowl. Only once did he want to put them in the ice tray.

Sorting Activity

This is the inside of our food basket. Before we had a huge bin of food out and Mark would just dump the food out and walk away. I decided to par the food down to a smaller amount, both Mark and his cousin Vincent have enjoyed playing with this smaller amount of food. In the basket are 2 plates, 2 forks, a cutting board and knife, 1 “cutting apple”, and several meat items.

Food Basket

On these two shelves we have our “Big Cars” even though one is lion on wheels! We have a lot of bigger wheeled items so I rotate them making sure I always have at least 2 out so the boys don’t fight as much!


This is one of our old bins I didn’t change at all, a bunch of small animals.

Small Animals

Here is our bin full of Bugs, this is a favorite right now!


I rotate one big music toy at a time in the playroom, right now this great garage sale find is out.


Our bin full of small-medium sized cars. This one is also a favorite. We have another bin of cars that is even more full than this, one of the two is always out.



This is a great one! A peg pounder, working that hand eye coordination!

Peg Pounder

This one is MY old build-a-bear I made long before Mark was born! I believe I made it before I was even married! But now he’s interested in changing clothes so I pulled it out and put the dog and all the accessories in one bin. He needs help getting the clothes on and off but he loves zooming the dog around on the skateboard.

Build-a-Bear … er… dog.


This is our newest toy a wooden shape sorter with an easily removable lid that I found at a resale store. This was a great find!

Shape Sorter


Not shown above is our bin of wooden blocks that always stays out, our book, and our shelves of art supplies. Currently out are crayons, paper, a coloring book, and stickers! Below is a picture of the whole shelf. On the top of the shelves left to right are: extra books, a plastic ring stacker, a puzzel, a wooden stacker/sorter, Mark’s “treasure box”, binoculars (in the red case), speakers, and a lamp.


Overview of our shelves.


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