Our house is SOLD! NOT!

This happened a while ago, but I’m a pretty mediocre blogger, I apologize.

After we got a contract on our home we rushed to get plane tickets to Portland to look at a house we loved and wanted to buy. After we bought the tickets, we got a call that the house had been sold to someone else. It was disappointing, but since we had already bought non-refundable tickets we decided we needed to go look at other possibilities.

We flew to Portland on a Tuesday, with Wednesday and Thursday to look at houses. We were going to fly back Friday. We spend Wednesday driving from house to house (8 in total) getting more and more disappointed as none of them were quite what we wanted. That night in the hotel we broadened our search on-line and found a house that was a great deal and looked like a good fit for us! The next day we went to see it and found out there were already 9 offers on it! We decided to put in a nice high offer (I think it was about 5 grand over asking price) in hopes we could snag it. We signed the offer and walked out to the car, where I checked my e-mail. There was a message from our lawyer that said, in thick legalese, that the buyers backed out of the contract. No explanation why. Here we are in Portland, just signed an offer on a great house, and now we have no buyer on our house. I was ready to cry.

We quickly called our Relator and found out some more details. They didn’t like the location of the house. Seriously? They couldn’t figure that out BEFORE signing a contract? I was so angry. I was just done. We went to the city to drown our sorrows in drinks and sushi. Luckily stumbling on a great sushi restaurant cheered us up a bit, but we were still in a funk.

We went home and had a break for a weekend. No showings, no nothing. We just needed to relax and regroup. Monday we signed the paperwork to relist the house. After shifting into packing mode and packing most of my office, I had to shift back to organizing and purging more. Thinking about this house in the long term again.

After all was said and done we could see a lot of good in this. One, we didn’t have to rush to pack. These buyers wanted in the house in four weeks! Thats fast! We were very overwhelmed with the idea of having to be out in four weeks. If the deal had gone though we’d be packing the moving truck this weekend! Now we can slow back down and focus mostly on training the dogs again.

Second, we can get a better house. We were surprised to find that we didn’t qualify for a very good mortgage and that my credit had dropped. The mortgage banker is helping us to raise our credit score as quickly as possible so that when our house sells we can get a better mortgage. Also, we hope our moving date will be more flexible this time allowing us longer to find a house and put in an offer (or more than one if needed). This trip there were no houses, we really loved. We are hoping when we actually need to buy there will be one.

Finally, this may allow us to move closer to our goal move date (not months before). We are hoping to move near the end of July, around the same time as my sister, so that the boys can play together as much as possible.

All in all, we did learn a lot from this experience, and we hope it will help us down the road. Can’t wait to sell our house!


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