Spring Time Water Play/18 Months Old!

Summer came early here in Chicago land so we decided to have some fun with water! After breakfast Mark decided he really wanted to pour his water back and forth between two cups, so I put him in some water clothes and headed outside. He really hasn’t had much of a chance to pour water so this was all new to him!

At first he just scooped the water from the small container to the bigger one with the two spoons. That was… until he realized he could drink it!


Mark first checking out the water and spoons.


Trying out the 1/2 cup scoop.


"Hey I can drink this!"


He spent a long time drink the water one teaspoon at a time! Until Mark realized something better, Josie will drink it too!


"Josie can drink this too!" 


After that most of the time was spent giving Josie spoonfuls of water! Once he spilled enough that he had a puddle he tried to jump in it, that was also a lot of fun! This also happened to be Mark’s half-birthday! 18 months old is a big milestone! He’s mostly far exceeding all the “norms” for his age (except size, he’s kind of short, go figure). I couldn’t be happier!

Having lots of fun outside!


More water for Josie.

The weather has been record highs here nearly 80 each day! We’ve been taking advantage of it while it lasts, the 40’s and 50’s will be back soon enough!








2 responses to “Spring Time Water Play/18 Months Old!

  1. sunscreen?

    happy 1 1/2 birthday to Mark. he is developing into a perfectly happy boy.
    I have plastic beakers and flasks if you want more water toys.

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