Hardest Week: Part 1

I haven’t written in a few weeks because the week of feb 6-12th was the hardest week ever. Last I posted Waldo was still with us…

When I took him back to the vet monday morning on the 6th I heard the worst news possible, he had cancer and only had a few days at most to live. I took him home with pain relievers and anti-nausea pills in hopes of having a good day or two with him. All we got was that afternoon. I was determined to make it the best day I could. I settled in in the living room with him with water and some rice and chicken broth if he felt up to eating.

He got worse and worse all day and would barely raise his head when someone came in the room. I cuddled with Waldo and my son Mark on the couch for hours. We decided we needed to let him go that day, that we didn’t want him to suffer though a long night has he had the night before… we knew we wouldn’t get any sleep anyway, but stay up with him all night.

We had a few visitors come by to say their goodbyes to as my sister put it “One of the greatest dogs in the world.” Mind you this dog, bit her two year old son and she still thought this about him. He was really an awesome dog, who just had a rough start to life (we didn’t get him till he was 2.5). At 4:15 I took all 5 dogs out back with Ace, Mark and I, the whole family playing in the yard one last time. Waldo did have enough energy to chase the ball for a few minutes. God he loved that ball… At 4:30 I made the hardest drive I’ve ever made. My last drive with Waldo. I cried the whole way.

I refused to leave his side the whole day, even till the end. We had to wait nearly an hour at the vet because I wouldn’t let them take him back alone to put in the port and they wouldn’t let me back while other dogs were back there.

Around 6pm Waldo very peacefully breathed his last. The vet had only just started the injection when he stopped breathing. I really don’t think he would have made it anther few hours and was glad we let him go. It was the hardest decision I’ve ever made in my adult life. How do you chose to end another life? How do you let one of your best friends leave forever? You hope, you hope the rainbow bridge or something like it is real. You hope in a new heaven and a new earth where every person and every dog that has every lived are happy together.

RIP Waldo. You are loved. Image


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