My dog Waldo is sick. We don’t know what’s wrong. Last night he wouldn’t eat dinner… he didn’t want to do anything. He just sat there and looked miserable. I felt his tummy, it was huge. We left right away fot the emergency vet. It wasn’t air, it was fluid floating around in his abdomen. They have no idea why. Their biggest concerns are an infection or cancer.

Waldo was the 2nd dog we got, and he’s our oldest at about 5 1/2. Here is the day we adopted him, in November of 2008 (This is the day after we got the idea for Mosaic).


The day after he came home.


Last night wondering if my dog had only a few days left to live or if he still had many healthy years I realized, that whatever the case I can be happy knowing I did right by him. I’ve always said my goal is to give Waldo a happy life the rest of his life and to give him a good place to live. I’ve done that. He is a happy healthy dog, who eats pleanty, but not too much. He has his own crate with a blanket in it. His own collar and tag picked especially for him. He plays with other dogs everyday. He knows lots of people that love to pet him. He has a boy that adores him. In the summer he goes swimming and in the winter he sleeps a lot becuase he doesn’t like the snow. He has me, an owner that knows all his issues, and what makes him happy. I know that if he swims more than an hour he’ll get stiff and hurt for days, I know that all he really wants is to eat, sleep, and fetch. I know he still has a hard time trusting that he’ll have enough food and I’ve worked with him to help him gain confidence and trust. He’s had a good life with us and however long he has left will be good. Wether its 2 weeks, 2 months, or several years.

Here are a few more pictures of everyones favorite cross eyed beagle/corgi.

Waldo with one of his favorite fetch toys.


Swimming and playing fetch, few things are better.


Waldo following Luther's path after the "Snowpocalypse" Jan 2011.


Waldo and Mark Christmas 2010


Waldo playing with Mark.


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