Our Oregon Trail

Its really now beginning. We’ve been saying for well over 6 months now that we are moving to Oregon, but that we were waiting till after the holidays. Well, the holidays are over and we are now starting to rearrange our house for staging. Over the past month we have gone though most of our possessions in the basement and have a garage full of stuff we are giving away and piles of garbage (this is after already throwing out and giving away a lot). 

The big project now is cleaning out my “office” (a strange bonus room off the Master bedroom) to become the dog room, so that the kitchen and family room can actually function as intended, or at least look like they do to potential buyers. This actually will probably be finished by tomorrow as there really isn’t that much to do up there. Moving Aiden’s giant dog crate will be the hardest part…. I don’t even remember how to disassemble it! 

Our hope is to be have the downstairs painted by the end of next week and to have the house on the market by the end of the month… not sure if we will do it, but we will try. 

In the best case situation, someone will come to us in the spring and offer us at least what we paid for our house and be happy to close in 6-8 weeks. Then once the contract is signed we will fly to Portland to find housing and hopefully schedule a closing about a week after selling our house. I very much realize how extremely unlikely this is, but this would be my perfect scenario. 

Everyone ask’s us “Why do you want to move to Portland?” Some people are asking this in a curious way, just wondering what draws us there, but others ask in a guilting way, somehow attempting to imply that us moving away is just a way to hurt them. In fact the guilting way happens more than anything, and I’ve come to the point where I’m constantly defending my decision. I’ve now decided that I really don’t need to do that. To quote Ben Folds ‘Adelaide’, “Because I want to.” should be a good enough answer. Its still a somewhat free country right? 

For those of you that are still wondering why, here is a few of the reasons. First is the weather. For me this is a big draw, I do not like snow and I do not like heat. There is very little of either there. The winters are mild and rainy, but not rainy like it is here. Its a drizzly rain, not hours of downpour. It was watching “Little People, Big World” that originally drew me to the weather.  Second is the affordability of land in proximity to the city. We love both the city and the country and we want a piece of each. In Portland we can have that. You can live literally 20 minutes outside the city and have 5 acres for the same price as 60 or more miles outside of Chicago. The homes we are looking at are in the 200’s with 3-5 bedrooms on at least 5 acres and within 30minutes of Portland, where we will be starting a Tea Shop. Which brings me to third point, the culture. We love the culture, we love the open-mindedness and the friendliness. We love the hipsters!  I love the fact that skateboarding is still popular and there are quality skateparks everywhere. In short, its a great place to live and open our tea shop and eventually start a dog rescue. The business model Ace has come up with, can easily thrive in Portland and I believe our family can too. 


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