Almost 8 months!

Life has been busy! It got warm out too so we’ve been spending lots of time outside. Mark loves going on walks both in the ergo on my back, or Dad’s front, or in the stroller. They are the best though when the dogs come with! Mark will watch them and and smile or laugh. Many times he falls asleep on our walks.

We bought a year pass to the Lake County dog parks, and Mark has gone with twice. 🙂 He seems to enjoy it there as long as no crazy dogs jump on him….

One very nice afternoon I took him and Aiden to the local playground, Fort McHenry, as both Mark and Aiden LOVE kids! And kids love them! I got  a video as we were sitting in the grass of Mark playing with Aiden’s leash. This was just before Aiden turned 2, and you can see how amazing these Gentle Giants called Irish Wolfhouds really are.

This was the same day I discovered Mark’s first tooth! He was super crabby besides our time at the park, and for good reason! I was really excited, but he did not share in my excitement. The second tooth was close behind, making its appearance on the day of Seth’s surprise party at our house, May 6th. Not a good day for Mark to be clingy all day!

Mark is quickly learning how helpful these these teeth can be, as he now eats raw apples flesh down and chews the flesh off. He’s so smart! 😀


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