Going Mobile!

Today was a BIG day for baby Mark! He finally got some decent movement across the floor. He would get up on his hands and knees and then push with his hands and go backwards! As he was trying to get his toys he was moving away from them whining as he was going backwards. We were very excited to watch him move, but he did not share our excitement. He did however enjoy pulling to standing, he’s done this a few times in the past, but not like today.

While he was sitting on his little potty he was flailing his arms to grab me so, I leaned closer and he grabbed on and immediately stood up then squealed with delight. Then he sat down and did it again… and again and again. So, when we were downstairs I set a cushion on the floor so he could sit on it and use me to pull up to standing. Between this and the backwards crawling Mark was on the move till bedtime. He played up until he was so tired he had a total meltdown and was screaming until he fell asleep! Its been quite the crazy day!


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