Second Chance Ranch

I have a vision of a sprawling horse farm just…. with no horses. Ok, maybe one. But the point isn’t horses, its dogs.

I love dogs, and I want to save them. Its that simple. Millions are needlessly killed every year. For no reason. They call it Euthanasia. I call it connivence killing. There is no mercy is killing someone that is healthy. When a healthy person is killed it is murder. It is simply because someone or some establishment doesn’t have the time/space/money or they simply don’t care.

Once you work in animal rescue you can not stop. The need is too great. The plight too heart wrenching. You may not be as deeply involved as you were in the past, but you never stop completely. You still have a rescued dog or cat (or horse or rabbit or bird…) of your own. You stop when you see a dog obviously lost dog. And you take in the stray cat that comes looking for food that everyone else ignores. Its like they know you care and are draw to you like a magnet. More importantly though, you are drawn to them. I’m drawn to them.

My heart truly goes out to the most helpless in the world, children and animals. I can’t help it. I have 5 rescued dogs, and a roommate with a dog. After the last two roommate dogs (a chihuahua that bit and howled all day and an untrained pitbull that knocked people down and chewed stuff up) I swore no more, but this dog wasn’t in the best situation and she needed out so… here we go again. Now that our house is filled to capacity I know I need to do more. I’ve worked with a transport group that pulls dogs from an overcrowded, underfunded, high kill shelter. I’ve filled my SUV with 30, yes 30, of those dogs and driven them from Chicago to Northern Wisconsin. I looked at them knowing that if that van hadn’t made it down there they would all be dead by now. I have one of those dogs now. Not all are so lucky, in fact most aren’t. I can’t stand that. We domesticated them, we bred them, its our responsibility and human beings to care for them.

That’s where my rescue comes in. Today it came to me as I was driving. Second Chance Ranch. It has a nice ring to it. It’s memorable. Its me. As soon as we have our current endeavor stable I will be working to make my ranch a reality. It may take a year, it may take 10 but it will happen.

There will be a barn, a shed, something, that can house dogs. Over time we’ll build an even better kennel building. A place worthy of being a life long home, but that hopefully never will be. There will be land, and lots of it. Where the dogs can run together and play and roll in mud and swim and fetch and just be stupid. They will spend time together, as a pack, the well adjusted dogs teaching the abused, hurt, scared and anxious dogs that it’s ok to trust, love, and enjoy life. This place is safe.

The dogs will learn what a home is, my home. Even if its not full time. Every dog will get a chance to live in my home and learn the love that is a home.

The dogs will have a chance to find a permanent home. In the midwest there is very little dog over population compared the south. Up here they have a chance, and we will do everything we can to make that chance even higher.

The dogs will have life. They will have the life we as humans gave to them and that we as humans almost took away. They will not die for selfish reasons.

My vision is saving dogs, saving their physical life, but also giving them purpose, happiness, and love. I hope to return just a tiny fraction of the unconditional love they give to us.


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