I don’t love breastfeeding (part 2)

But I love babies. Not only have a breastfed my son, but I’ve pumped and fed another baby, a girl 2 weeks older than him.

Her mom didn’t have a sister to lead by example. She didn’t have a teacher or a doula helping her. She didn’t have a lactation consultant. But she tried anyway. She tried because she loves her daughter, but her daughter couldn’t latch well. Eventually the mom’s only choice was to pump, and exclusively pumping rarely lasts long. And eventually it came to an end. She went on facebook to the Illinois Eats on Feets page and looked for a donor so she could continue to give her daughter milk.

I had been pumping and barely using any of the pumped milk when I saw an article shared on facebook about Eats on Feets. I linked up with another mom and started pumping even more. I remember stopping christmas decorating to pump 3 or more times a day. By Christmas I had a decent amount of milk saved up and we met just after Christmas. I was scared, but excited. What if we needed this milk? What if something came up and my supply dried up? I had worked hard and was attached to my milk. I reminded myself this baby needs it now. Mark MIGHT need it later. Let tomorrow worry about itself. So I gave this mom I had never met a small coolers worth of breast milk. She was so thankful she said it was the best christmas present she had gotten. I was floored, but at the same time I understood. If it was my baby that needed milk I would hope someone would do the same for us.

Now that same women has given me her hospital grade pump with no expectations of getting any more milk, but assuming all goes well she will be getting plenty.

I don’t love breastfeeding. It has great moments, but often, its uncomfortable, inconvenient and (even though it shouldn’t be) embarrassing. I love my son and I love babies, so I do whats natural, and what’s best for him. Its been 6 months and I’m not stopping any time soon.


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