Ever since Mark was born life has been a whirlwind. Each day tends to blend into the next as they are all pretty much the same. Get up, nurse, change baby, feed dogs, feed myself, feed baby, shower, change baby, nurse, entertain baby, let dogs out, nurse, change baby…. on and on.

Mark is the joy of my life 6 months old he can do no wrong. He’s perfect. He may keep me busy but I wouldn’t change that for anything.

Josie is our first dog. I got her as a valentines gift for Ace in Feb of ’08. She was 6 months old and a no-kill shelter pulled her from a kill shelter. She’s my other baby. I may have gotten her for Ace, but she chose me.

Then came Waldo. I loved having one dog so much I searched petfinder for another, a corgi. I found one. His story was sad, he had to be given up due to accidentally biting a neighbor kid. He had lots of issues with agression but over time he’s now a gentle old soul. He’s amazing with Children.

Next was Aiden. We hated living in our condo and searched for a house, this was my chance to get a big dog. My heart was set on an Irish Wolfhound. I searched rescues for months and could only find wolfies in california. So I searched for a breeder and found a wonderful one in Kentucky. As luck would have it the pups would be ready the same week as Tae Kwon Do Nationals in Florida. So we planned to drive and picked him up on the way home.

For a while we had a roomate who had a pitbull puppy named Titus. When our roomate moved to Boston he gave up his puppy to another friend. Aiden had outgrown playing with Josie and Waldo and loved playing with Titus. When Titus left, Aiden was very unhappy. We decided we would eventually get another dog, but didn’t know when.

The summer of ’09 I volunteerd at McHenry County Animal Control walking and training dogs. I loved it. There were several occasions I wanted to bring dogs home, but only did once. I walked a huge, beautiful German Shepherd. I was in love. He walked great and was a little over a year old. I told them I wanted him, but I had to go home and bring Aiden back to meet him. By the time I had come back 3 other potential adopters had looked at him and passed him over saying he “wasn’t pure” and “was agressive.” That’s a lot of attention for a shelter dog in one day! I was lucky he was still there. Luther (then Preston) and Aiden hit it off! I took him home.

Then, just two weeks ago, we were at the Chicagoland Pet Expo where Ace saw a little dog that was probably a corgi mix. He fell for him. We did the whole expo, then went back to see the little guy. Ace filled out an application and begged to get him. I went and got him the next day. Now we have Simon and that makes 5.

Our life in a nutshell, 5 dogs and a baby.


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